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100% Natural

We only use naturally-derived ingredients and never use any synthetic ingredients.

Well, natural can be a bit of a grey area. You’ll no doubt have seen the term thrown around the beauty industry even in cases where mainly synthetic ingredients are combined with the teeniest-tiniest amounts of natural ingredients to make a beauty product. A term known, as greenwashing.


This is because there are currently no legal restrictions on how a brand claims to be natural and very few consistent definitions.


At Cocolem whenever we use the word natural we promise that our products only contain ingredients derived from botanical (eg plant oil) or vitamin origin (eg vitamin e), that may or not have been processed in some way to obtain the desired ingredient. For example, in order to produce the fragrant essential oils that go into our natural lip balms, the oils must be expressed or steam distilled from the plant, flower or fruit. 

We are proud to be Vegan.

There are no animal derived ingredients in any of Cocolem's lip care range and we haven’t used animal testing to test any of our products, or any of the ingredients in our products.

vegan & cruelty free

long lasting

Fed up of thin lip balms that seem to only last minutes?

Think of us as the avo to your toast, the almond milk to your latte, the banana to your smoothie. Creamy, silky and flipping amazing.


With their velvety texture, cocolem lip balms provide instant yet long-lasting moisturisation. 


The result? Soft, supple and oh so kissable lips.

eco friendly

We take an environmentally-responsible approach to lip care 

Every year the beauty industry produces millions of tons of excessive plastic packaging, much of which ends up in our oceans; polluting our Planet. At Cocolem we take steps to tackle the #PlasticProblem and influence some positive change in this old-fashioned industry. 



How? Well, we've ditched the plastic tubes for convenient, pocket-sized aluminium tins.


Why? Because Aluminium is amongst the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet and can be infinitely recycled.


What does that mean? Our eco-friendly credit score just increased.