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Our Story

Welcome to Cocolem. Back in 2014, after using many conventional lip care products, the result was often the same; split, swollen and sore lips. Frustrated, our Founder Roshanne, a beauty blogger and trained skincare formulator decided to take control of what products she was using and started creating her own range of lip balms using only natural ingredients: shea butter, wax, virgin coconut oil and lemon essential oil.


After many trials and errors, in 2016 the idea for Cocolem was born. The brand name Cocolem, the result of mixing the words coconut oil and lemon oil, brings together long-lasting, 100% natural and vegan lip care with a nod to doing better for our Planet.


At Cocolem we believe in the benefits of using plant-based, natural ingredients to nurture the skin. We made a conscious choice to be a vegan and cruelty-free brand that ensures our products contain 100% natural ingredients and that all our packaging is recyclable so that you can feel confident in shopping with us (find out more on our Values Page).


We’re a generation that is conscious and passionate about a lot of things from what happens in society, to what we eat and to what we wear. Every day you reach for your travel lip balm, house lip balm or work lip balm. But amongst the hustle and bustle of life do you ever take time to strip back to basics and think about what your slathering on those delicate lips of yours? No? Well, it might be time to reconsider…


The majority of conventional lip care products including lip balms are filled to the brim with cheap fillers, PEGs, parabens and ingredients that are better suited in a car than on your lips- Petroleum Jelly huns?


Cocolem is proud to use 100% natural, vegan ingredients and sustainable packaging materials. So, say SYL to the plastic tubes and come kiss and tell with us. We promise that once you #choosecocolem you won’t go back.

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Founder, Formulator

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